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How To Land A Technical Writing Internship (2023)

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After you self-learn, have a technical writing certification, and work on personal projects, you will need hands-on experience to prepare you to work with a team and the structures involved in an organization. Landing a technical writing internship can be difficult, but you are now lucky because these steps will make it easy. 

Who Is A Technical Writer?

A technical writer is a competent person who writes on complex subject matter, including articles, blog entries, social media posts, and instruction manuals about technical subjects for a general audience.

This role aims to gather large amounts of information and data from subject experts and compile them in a way that a reader without background knowledge can easily understand.

What Does An Intern Technical Writer Do?

Intern Technical writers are usually explained on the ongoing projects the team or manager is working on. You will also be briefed on the companies you are working with, and you will use the skills you have learned to research and create content for those projects. You will get to know about various topics and also hone your skills in technical writing.

Steps On How To Land A Technical Writing Internship

Register For A Training Program

Excellent technical writing knowledge will improve your chances of getting a technical writing internship. This can be achieved through a training program. The qualifications you get from this training can likely show you as a more severe internship candidate ready to advance his/her skills in the career.

You can also step up your game by adding a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, English, or Journalism because companies like to hire those with the respective degrees listed above. 

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Use Your Personal Connections 

The adage goes, “No man is an island of knowledge.” You simply can’t know it all, and you also simply can’t know everyone. This is where your personal connections can help you out.

A portfolio builder for tech writers

You might not know the next person to hire you, but your personal connection can help you. Your personal connection can connect you with someone who can help you with an internship.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Nothing can help you stand out apart from being an exceptional tech talent. That can only happen when you improve your writing skills and continue to work on personal projects to build your skills.

You can join clubs or organizations, such as student newspapers or magazines, to practice your craft.

For example, participating in science or technology clubs can prepare you to write about complex topics. These experiences can prepare you for success in an internship and in your future career.

Study Your Potential Employers Or Companies

To get a good internship, try studying the potential companies you would like to work for. Understand what is required of the company’s internship and the type of candidates they are likely to hire through their recruiters.

You can also begin to research the topics they are interested in and write on them to attract your potential employer.

Create a good portfolio and resume.

A portfolio is a collection of your projects and samples of your technical abilities. At the same time, a resume is a formal document that job applicants create to show their qualifications for a position.

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A good portfolio filled with outstanding personal projects is guaranteed to get you a technical writing internship. 

A good portfolio is what would make your resume befitting for the position. Follow this content to learn how to create a good technical writing portfolio.

Apply For Many Internships Positions

You will get a lot of rejections from the first couple of internship positions you apply for. This is normal, but before you apply next time, check which factors are the most important for you in the internship role. Would you prefer onsite, hybrid, or remote? As you search for your dream internship position, remember to widen your access to high-quality opportunities.

Practice your interview skills.

You would not want to be in a situation where you have worked on your skills and created the right portfolio but cannot pass the interview stage.

This can be solved by working on your interview skills. Skills like communication, remaining calm, and responding to certain interview questions would help you get the internship role.


Always remember to be patient when applying for an internship role. The internship role might not come as fast as you expected, but just keep following the steps listed above, improve yourself, and you will eventually get the internship role.  

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