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Good technical writing is not only identified by good grammar. It presents difficult information in an easy-to-understand format for end users, leading to outstanding outcomes. Because of its nature, there are certain criteria a good technical writing should meet. 


A technical writing document’s credibility can be demonstrated in various ways, including the use of acceptable professional language, citations from highly respected sources, solid evidence, and strong logic.

Good technical writing must include all of the mentioned above to ensure credibility.


A criterion for good technical writing is conciseness, which includes presenting a lot of information clearly and in a few words, brief but thorough.

The write-up must be clear and to the point. Shorter sentences are preferred since they are easier to grasp and explain than ambiguous statements. 

The 7cs in communication can be considered here: clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous.


One of the primary goals of technical writing is to solve a problem for the audience. Including a troubleshooting guide in every technical publication is not a suggestion. 

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In this way, writing that gives the reader new information and a clear route ahead might be classified as problem-solving-oriented.

In this case, the issue may be as simple as configuring a product so the user can begin utilizing it immediately.


Information in technical writing cannot contradict itself. Every step and piece of information must make sense to one another.

Sound logic is the hallmark of quality technical writing. In a good technical document, explanations and instructions should flow naturally. It should be ordered from The chapters, and subsections should have a logical relationship.

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For example, if the write-up’s goal is to give instructions on software updates, then in Chapter 1, the reader is instructed to download the software with sequential instructions. Chapter 2 may instruct on how to navigate the software.


Considering their concerns and background, it’s critical to comprehend the target audience. This makes it possible for technical writers to adapt their language to the audience in a way that will help them connect and engage more. 

For instance, if this audience may consist of scientists and engineers in particular, businesspeople, or the general public, the write-up will either be laughed at and criticized because it is too simple for the audience, or it will pass unnoticed because it is incomprehensible to the audience if the writing style and vocabulary are not appropriate for the target audience.


Effective communication skills and technical knowledge are needed for technical writing. By capturing these fundamental ideas, you can produce interesting, approachable content that clarifies difficult concepts.

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