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Top 5 freelance writing job sites in Kenya

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There are numerous freelance writing job sites in Kenya that are available and Kenyan freelance writers can start freelancing and earning money as quickly as possible.

Freelance writing has become one of the top ways to generate side incomes or added as one of your income streams over the years and was recently increased due to the pandemic.

In fact, according to this content from PowerPublish, many freelance writers reported increased earnings due to the pandemic while working from home.

Freelance writing jobs are there on the internet but you need to know where and how to get access to these numerous jobs.

We will explore the Top 5 freelance writing job sites in Kenya to make money. If you’re in Kenya, you’re not exempted from the numerous opportunities to earn money from freelance writing.

Also, knowing where to get freelance writing jobs is as important as knowing how to personally brand yourself as a freelance writer to get these jobs.

We will explore personal branding for freelance writers at the end of this content, so we will show you where to get freelance writing jobs and how to brand yourself to get these jobs.

A portfolio builder for tech writers

If you’re excited, read to the end:

Where to find freelance writing jobs in Kenya

As with every other profession, the internet has made it very easy and cost-efficient to access global freelance writing jobs from the comfort of your home and we are going to explore the top 5 freelance writing job portals for writers in Kenya.

Top 5 Freelance Writing Job Sites in Kenya
Top 5 Freelance Writing Job Sites in Kenya


There is no doubt that Upwork has put in the effort to become outstanding in remote work offering millions of users the platform to sell their skills and talent and also, providing companies with vetted talent across the globe and in different categories of skillsets.

Upwork offers a wide range of talents divided into numerous categories across all skills and works of life, but we are only interested in the talent and skill set that relates to freelance writing.

Under Writing and Translation, Upwork offers above 500 skills and counting, which makes your freelancing niche available in Upwork.

In this context, Upwork offers a wide range of niches to freelance writers ranging from the categories listed below to more broad freelance creative works.

  1. Content Writing
  2. Translators
  3. Editors
  4. Ghostwriters
  5. Copywriters
  6. Creative writers
  7. Technical writers
  8. Etc.
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You can easily access all the writing categories in Upwork and jump right into setting up your account. Basically, if I was to start freelance writing all over again, Upwork will be my first platform start. It makes registration easily and verification seamless across the globe.


Fiverr is also a platform of trust that helps businesses find perfect freelancers for their business and these freelancers can range from any works of life to creative and freelance writing.

No wonder Fiverr is trusted by popular brands such as Facebook, Google, Netflix, PayPal, etc.

With Fiverr, you create a classified ad of your service staging the service you offer and the starting price for that service and clients reach out to you for the service you offer.

This is a great place for freelance writers in Kenya to offer their writing services to clients and get paid global rates or even bid for more high payment rates.

Fiverr also offers different niches and categories of writing in the main Writing and Translation category and a few of the popular categories are listed below:

  1. Content Writing
  2. Translators
  3. Editors
  4. Ghostwriters
  5. Copywriters
  6. Creative writers
  7. Technical writer
  8. Etc.

You can visit Fiverr, create your account and start selling your freelance writing skill.


With Freelancer, you can hire the best freelancer for any type of job and millions of people use to turn their ideas into reality.

As a freelance writer in Kenya, is calling you to join the platform and help millions of people turn their ideas into reality using your wordsmith skills.

There is a popular analogy that people feel happier when others are happy because of them according to Time. This can be true for you if you join to help others create their dreams while getting paid in the process.

How it works is the same as the previously explored platform where you create your account, get verified, list your freelance writing services, and get contacted by clients.

Freelancer also offers varieties of freelance writing job categories and niches such as the popular ones listed below:

  1. Article writing
  2. Blogging
  3. Content writing
  4. Research writing
  5. Proofreading
  6. Translation
  7. Ghostwriting
  8. Etc.
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Flexjob has been in existence since 2007 and has been providing companies and users with vetted remote, work from home, and flexible job opportunities.

With a simple search, you can see an array of well-vetted remote freelance writing jobs that you can start doing right from Kenya.

Flexjob has listed over 28,822 jobs from 5,507 companies and counting, so what are you waiting for? Join Flexjob and kick start your freelance writing job right from Kenya.


LinkedIn is a professional website for employers and employees to connect. You can get access to thousands of real freelance writing jobs listed by companies.

You can even discuss with the hiring manager or job poster directly from Linkedin and also start writing right from where you are.

Since LinkedIn is a professional app, you need to structure your profile and your content has to depict a professional look in the area of writing want to draw attention to.

This is where personal branding as a writer comes to play. According to ContentWonk, over 60% of high-paying freelance writers gain their clients through social media and personal branding.

Branding makes you stand out from the crowd and positions you as an expert in any niche or field you decide to venture into as a freelance writer.

Personal branding for freelance writers

Branding is a broad topic and requires separate content to even scratch the surface. However, in this article on personal branding for freelance writers, we detailed a way to create your personal brand and start out from the crowd.

One of the most important points in the article was the fact that you need a portfolio as freelance writing because a farmer is only as good as his tools.

Therefore, a freelance writer is also as good as the previous jobs and samples created in previous jobs.

To get hired by companies and earn higher in the writing industry, you need a streamlined portfolio of all your samples, some like proof of work.

A good point to begin when taking your freelance writing business to the next level is developing a hands-down portfolio dedicated to presenting all about you and your content business.

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Here is a quick solution, you can pay a developer to create something stunning for you and your content writing brand.

Or you can use a portfolio-generating website dedicated to freelance writers to generate different portfolios based on the different niches you cover.

This helps you streamline your portfolio to tell a single story about you and your brand. If a Technical writing client reaches out, you send a technical writing portfolio that contains only content samples around technical writing.

This method helps you position your brand as an expert in each niche without any mix-up.

​​We recommend using Contentre for creating your writing portfolio with multiple portfolio feature that helps you streamline your portfolio and position your brand as an expert in each niche.


Freelance writing is a booming career and many people use it as a side hustle or additional income stream. Freelance writing jobs are increasing yearly and so is the revenue.

We have listed the top 5 freelance writing job sites in Kenya you can get started immediately.

However, if you want to start freelance writing on any of the freelance writing job sites available to people in Kenya, we recommend you pick a freelance writing niche and start out with it.

In this article on What is freelance writing, we detailed everything you need to know about freelance writing, freelance writing niches by services and industry, and many more. We recommend you check it out too.

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