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Top 5 Technical Writing Skills You Need To Know

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To improve your technical writing expertise, you need to work on critical skills to improve your technical writing content. These skills will boost confidence in yourself and what you have to deliver as a Technical writer. Let’s dive in!

What Are Technical Writing Skills?

Technical writing skills are skills and abilities that help writers to create and publish manuals, reports, guidelines, and other documentation productively. Technical writers need these appropriate skills to help them perform their tasks and communicate technical information. 

5 Important Technical Writing Writing Skills

Communication Skill

You need practical communication skills as a technical writer because you will work with product developers, subject matter experts, and other technical writers. You will use this skill to interview and communicate with the subject matter experts as they direct the idea and approve the final project. Your communication skills will help you clarify, record the important notes necessary for the project, and better understand a concept or subject. 

Research Skills

Good research skills are critical for your technical writing success because you will be working with various clients in different industries, and you will be expected to deliver up to standards. Developing your research skills will help you to choose the right data and information to develop the right content. You will spend hours researching various sites on a given topic and need to summarize the information so you can review it while writing it.

Technical Skills

To hone your skills in technical writing, you need to understand what you’re writing about. Carpenters can only perform well in technical writing if they have experience in the field. Likewise, you must have a good experience in whatever project you write about.

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Writing Skills

A portfolio builder for tech writers

As a Technical Writer, you must improve your writing skills by knowing how to write a technical report, technical manuals, proposals and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), etc. You must also understand how to convey the technical terms in a layman’s understanding. Some tips that would help include:

  1. Always use active voice 
  2. Use plain language 
  3. Avoid jargon and overusing pronoun 
  4. Well-crafted sentence structure 
  5. Attention to clear formatting 

Audience Analysis (Understanding The User)

How can you create without having a good understanding of your audience? Your audience will consume whatever you have researched and written about. You need to understand their pain points, how to present your facts to targeted users, and how to write about the specific text about technicalities. 

How to do Audience Analysis? 

For this, you need to be sure of a few basic questions: 

  1. Who is your target audience
  2. What they know about your technical field
  3. What is their occupation
  4. What are their interests and needs 

Always remember-“Audience is everything.” 


You need to understand that not everyone can be a perfectionist, but with little effort every day, one can truly achieve immensely. You might only attain some skills at a time, or you may succeed in others. All you need to do is keep your learning your only priority.

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