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Introducing Text/Markdown Editor

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One of the feedback we got from our beta users points to the “Write Content” feature.

We have done a great job in simplifying the process of uploading your content if it is already published somewhere (by just inputting the URL and we do the dirty work).

But when users want to write their content with Contentre or correct some information on uploaded content, that’s where the pain comes.

According to one user “For the part where you write your content, the grammar is too big. Rewrite each category as follows…”

The feedback suggests that we need to rework the “Write Content” feature of Contentre.

So I had to take a few days out to rethink the feature and I ended up creating a Medium-Like Text Editor for Contentre.

Easy enough? Let me know in the comment section.

A portfolio builder for tech writers

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Now that you’re here, let me briefly recap the most important features Contentre can offer you:

  • Organize your content in categories, topics, and tags
  • Create and manage multiple clients
  • Create and manage multiple personalized portfolios
  • Get statistical analytics of your content revenue, top categories, and tags.
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