BTS 15: From Studying Arts to $350 per Technical Article.

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Hello, my name is David Omitayo and I’m currently a front-end developer and Technical writer.

This was my original career path, I read mass communications at university school and I started into tech very recently. About a year ago to be precise.

How did you get into technical writing?

6 months into coding, I know I was ready but there was no job. I needed money so I just started applying to technical writing gigs.

I applied to 3 different tech companies among which was LogRocket. LogRocket actually didn’t accept my application. When I sent them an email, they replied with a rejection email and a  link to a sheet where they post topics they need on their blog. 

That’s how I started writing for Logrocket.

What are some of your best experiences as a technical writer?

Well, I don’t really have a lot of bad or good experiences. I have only had one other role and they didn’t pay me as much as Logrocket paid me which pays me 350$ per article. 

Any advice for upcoming technical writers?

A lot of people are afraid to get into technical writing. That was the problem I had at first. But over time, I learned that technical writing is not something complex.

A portfolio builder for tech writers

You’re just teaching someone how to do something. It’s not like you’re writing something out of the ordinary or something that is hard. So, just start. Most times, everyone is ready!

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