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Getting your first job as a technical writer requires a lot of work, from creating and selecting intriguing samples, to creating an eye-catching technical writing portfolio.

Below is a list of tips to help you accelerate your technical writing job:

  1. Create up to 5 technical content samples
  2. Create a personalized technical portfolio using Contentre.
  3. Apply to freelance writing gigs.
  4. Create a detailed Content Brief: The content brief should detail everything your content will cover, the target audience, the goal of the content, the primary and secondary keywords, and most importantly how that content will be useful to the audience of the company you’re applying.
  5. Create a good Content Proposal: The proposal should content link to your personalized portfolio containing only samples related to the topic you proposed. It should also contain the content brief.
  6. Email or apply to the company with the proposal.

To create a personalized technical writing portfolio for free, use Contentre. Additionally, you can read a complete guide on how to create a freelance technical writing portfolio from scratch.

Here is also a list of companies currently hiring and paying freelance technical writers.

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Now that you’re here, let me briefly recap the most important features Contentre can offer you:

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  • Organize your content in categories, topics, and tags
  • Create and manage multiple clients
  • Create and manage multiple personalized portfolios
  • Get statistical analytics of your content revenue, top categories, and tags.

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