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Introducing Portfolio Customizer

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We decided to build a Portfolio Customizer and here is how it’s going.

Since our users are freelance writers (for now) and most writers are not developers (don’t quote me) but all writers need a portfolio according to the ContentWonk survey.

However, as technical Writers and Developers, we created Contentre to help, amongst other interesting features, It offers multiple portfolio features where writers can create, delete and manage multiple portfolios without writing any line of code.

Multiple portfolios allow writers to create a streamlined portfolio that suits the specific client’s needs instead of sending a gigantic portfolio with samples of different niches.

In Contentre, users can create as many portfolios as possible using different templates or customize a template using our No-Code Portfolio Customizer.

If you’re a technical writer, let me know how creating multiple portfolios can help you tailor your content and gain more clients.

Here is a demo of how it will work:

A portfolio builder for tech writers

Ready to ditch Google Drive? Try Contentre.

Contentre helps technical writers stay organized and gain more clients. Grow your technical writing career in one place.

Now that you’re here, let me briefly recap the most important features Contentre can offer you:

  • Organize your content in categories, topics, and tags
  • Create and manage multiple clients
  • Create and manage multiple personalized portfolios
  • Get statistical analytics of your content revenue, top categories, and tags.
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Try it now. It’s free

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