[Webinar] How I Bagged $400 Deals From My Technical Writing Side Hustle

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Meet Linda Ikechukwu, a sizzling thought leader in the technical writing industry. But it wasn’t always like this, at some point she was entirely ignorant about technical writing.

She went from being oblivious to technical writing to dominating it and bagging sweet dollar deals with reputable brands.

Her interesting journey is a must-read for every technical writer. There are also special insights for beginners, so it’s worth the read.

If you’re looking to start a career in freelance technical writing, then put on your laser eye focus and come along with us on Linda’s journey.

Hello, my name is Linda Ikechukwu and I’m currently a developer advocate for a company called Smallstep Labs. Our main product is a certificate manager for security practitioners and DevOps engineers.

On the side, I run a platform called everything technical writing. It’s a newsletter where I try to answer questions and build a resource platform for upcoming and existing technical writers.

The aim is to help them answer difficult questions that most people usually have when they are venturing into the industry.

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